icone-temoignage“Mr Kevin Guibers is a coaching professional. His ability to listen, his attention, his empathy towards the people whom he looks after is remarkable. His professional qualities supported by continuous training gives the capacity to diagnose and to treat osteo-articular pathologies. He is capable of adapting to each particular case.” A. GASPA. Doctor, accidents and emergencies specialist, expert to the courts.




“Kevin’s lessons and advice make you want to breathe and to carry yourself in another way. They enable me to eradicate back ache and bad posture. This enables me to improve my physical capacities intelligently, thus participating in the search of an improved general standard of living.”

P. GRENIER. Lawyer.




“After 30 years spent going to the physiotherapist during gym sessions, I  have finally found a form of gymnastics that I would describe as essential! Centred around working the muscles deeply, in a non spectacular, never monotonous fashion, I feel that it works out my weakest points.” Mme BAILLET