Fully qualified private coach for 15 years, I am a certified instructor and trainer of the Pilates method. I am also a custodian of methods for pregnant women and personal training.

Coach at the Ritz Health Club for 5 years, I then opened my private gym where I developed a personal approach to working the body with sports doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

I work with active and influential women and men, sedentary people who want to stay in shape or take up a soft physical activity, athletes seeking to improve their performance, with an emphasis on the length of physical exertion without causing persistent injury and on people with chronic conditions (tendonitis, sciatica, cruralgia, back pain, etc.) who are concerned about their well-being.

Certified in Posturology from the School of Clinical Posturology, I develop rehabilitation programmes for people prone to musculoskeletal disorders, related to working with computers. These programmes also include the study and setting up of spaces for employees to feel better at work.

I help companies and individuals meet their needs as closely as possible, by setting up fitness spaces and choosing which machines to install (Cardio/Pilates/etc.)

As a consultant for scientific journals and women’s press (Le Journal des Médecins, Madame Figaro, Voici, etc.), I bring my expertise to new the methods and fitness equipment on offer to the general public.

As a dietician by training, I also develop dietary programmes to understand and better manage