This phase of your program enables you to assimilate, that is to say that the body is prepared for reconstruction, regeneration. In order to stimulate your organism, you draw from your reserves. It is therefore necessary to leave a sufficient amount of time to recharge. The body is still working after your efforts: these are your aches… the organism is reconstructing itself.  It is necessary to pace the effort spent in order for recuperation to be effective and in a normal timeframe. If the effort put in is managed badly, too intense for example, the recuperation time can turn out to be longer. Injuries often occur when recuperation time is insufficient. People that are usually sedentary who go skiing for their holidays without any prior preparation, often overdo it on the first few days and the famous third day is fatal for a good number of them. High level sportsmen and women, who are accused of frequently being injured, are so because they push their ‘machine’ beyond its output capacity without sufficient rest. (For example, tennis players with numerous tournaments).