Diet is a cornerstone of your edifice. Without a good diet, no results. But going on a diet is not ideal unless we are speaking about food hygiene based on long term modifications. If you shock the organism, the after-diet will be disappointing, if indeed catastrophic. It is not necessary to cut oneself off from all social life and under-estimate the notion of pleasure, indispensable to the right assimilation of foods. There again, the energy value of food is important but their assimilation all the more so. That is to say find foods which slow down your basic metabolism and those which you are lacking to give you energy.

The essential thing is to understand that it is necessary to stimulate regularly, without excess, so that the body is better allied. It is your terrestrial vehicle and is essentially therefore subject to the laws of physics. It is sufficient to apply these few inescapable rules, to be in shape and to please one-self.

Treat your mount with care is not a vain proverb. If you do not do it or if you overdo it, or if you do it badly, then your body will make you feel it.

It’s up to you to listen to what it is telling you.